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Simulation is not only an important approach in circuit development which saves development time and effort but also an important method in quality control. It provides quantified data, waveform and chart for the designer to aware how's the situation of the circuit and let him understand what the circuit will be in the future or in a mass volume.

Sunergy performs simulation for each product we developed and will keep it on in the future. So as we do to your product development. Provided necessary information we required, we will let you know the transient time, transient voltage/current, or frequency spectrum of voltage/current in your circuit so that engineers can take precaution to the potential circuit noises.

Another math approach-Electromagnetic Field Strength Modeling of Inductive Component, which developed by James Chen at 2000 is a useful equation to calculate a E field and M field strength in a electronic equipment environment. By knowing the EM field strength, you can take necessary action to handle the EMI generated by your circuit or injected from the external source.



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