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Sunergy Development Enterprise was established in Singapore in year 1999 by a group of passionate electronic and firmware engineers. We have a strong team of highly educated and experienced R & D engineers to fulfill your engineering needs. With years of design and development experiences in consumer, IT electronics and industrial products, we are able to assist you to develop your own ideas or concepts to a reliable and marketable end product.

  We have developed products with high current, high voltage, high and multi-tasks micro-controller embedded system of which are marketed worldwide. We suggest improvements to PCB layouts as well as indication any potential safety hazards to your products. Some of our consumer and IT products are certified by CSA, UL, VDE, TUV, FCC, CE ,C-Tick. Our industrial product are widely used in semiconductor, aviation and computer sectors for years.   Resolved Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) probelm one after another in product development, Sunergy understands PCB layout is a vital paramter for a success product. By controlling the PCB traces delay time, impedance and proper grounding techniq, Sunergy give product development a quicker turn over time and better EMI performance.  
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Sunergy offers custom specified electronic product design/development services through which electronics designs with minimal possible component count with carefully chosen, low cost, cheapest available components with great quality and support. The best reason why you should choose us is our low costs, fast turn around time & top notch quality. Our main aim is to design your product such that your profits are maximized.
By having us to help you in your research and development process, you will not have to bear a fix cost of having an in house team of engineers and equipment. This is our ultimate target of helping you to save your Research and Development costs and resources.


Simulation is a necessary approach to estimate the function and reliability of a circuit. Sunergy performs complete or sectional simulation for all the circuit it designed. This practice also avliable to our customers subject to requirement. The simulation covers timming, voltage/current source sweep and frequency spectrum for CMOS and TTL digital circuit as well as analogue circuit and its noise.





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